Hiker Trash!

Appalachian Trails (an online community for hikers) defines hiker trash as “A term describing long-distance hikers whose absence from “civilization” has led them to abandon certain social norms and expectations and to become disheveled in appearance. Although it sounds like an insult, true hiker trash take it as a compliment.”

DSCN2582 DSCN2584

We began collecting hiker trash stories from our fellow hikers pretty early on in our hike after reading an article on Appalachian Trails.  Feel free to comment here or message me to add more hiker trash moments to this list 🙂

Links to articles with hiker trash moments submitted to the website:



And without further ado, here’s the list (don’t worry friends, we’re not naming any names!)

You might be hiker trash if…

  • you buy a bag of donuts for tomorrow’s breakfast and eat them all before bed
  • you are going out for dinner as a party of 4, but it balloons to 12 by the time you walk down the street
  • you sleep 3 on a king-sized bed in the hotel room
  • your server drops the free chips on the floor and you have to hold back from eating them
  • you mix vodka with the jack that’s already in your flask just because someone is giving away vodka
  • you eat an avocado with Cheetos
  • you crash in a house under renovation and do a little grunt work to pay your way
  • you play wiffle ball with a beer in one hand in the front yard of said house
  • you slap the bag
  • you throw up in a porta potty
  • you pour dry mashed potato flakes (or oatmeal or instant breakfast) in your mouth and wash it down with water
  • you wash your clothes in a creek
  • you wash your clothes in the shower
  • you wash your clothes in the sink in the bathroom at Pizza Hut
  • you don’t wash your clothes at all
  • you drink a box of wine and then blow the bag back up to use it as a pillow
  • you can smell a day hiker

A few more stories, sent by a fellow 2015 hiker:

  • You tie a rain jacket around your waist and back your bare ass against the wall in the laundromat while washing your only set of clothes.
  • Someone drops a dried banana slice in the dirt and eight people lunge to eat it.
  • You have the magical power of cramming 8 hikers and their packs into a Ford Escape to get a ride to a free breakfast.
  • Twelve of you take the afternoon off to swim in a lake in your underwear, and you bribe some locals to drive you to town to buy PBR and hot dogs for your “beach party.”
  • You’ll hike double the miles you planned on rumor of free food ahead.

4 thoughts on “Hiker Trash!

  1. You split up two cases of beer among 3 or 4 and hike it into the shelter from the gas station out on the highway. (That is, if you are in a state where gas stations sell beer, otherwise the road commute might be a little longer, you guys at the Allentown shelter know who I’m talking about). Oh, and even though the beer goes down with much bravado, all is quiet after 8:30.


  2. Jimi & Christy hi, this is John, Sue & I had the pleasure of meeting you with our old(as are we) friends on your last day @ Berret’s where you mixed some great cocktails. We have been following you on your journey and find it fascinating what you are doing. You must be close to the end? Keep your posts and great pictures coming.


  3. Jimi & Christy hi. This is John, Sue and I had the pleasure of meeting you
    with some of our old(as are we) friends on your last day @ Berret’s when you mixed some great cocktails. We are fascinated with your journey and really like your progress posts as well as all the great pictures. You must be close to the end?


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