Hiker Food

As many of you already know, hikers eat a lot of food. We are moving constantly and carrying a lot of weight. Some estimates we’ve read put the average daily calorie burn at 5,000-6,000 calories per day! Fuego and I were already blessed with relatively fast metabolism, so we need to eat a lot of food. This blog has taken significantly longer to put together than we anticipated. We wanted to get photos of the different types of food we eat, but we usually remembered to take pictures after we had already eaten. We definitely don’t have a future as food bloggers!  


We had trouble finding the right things to eat for breakfast. We needed something that doesn’t need to be cooked, but that will also keep you full for 2 hours until snack time. 

-Poptarts (keep you full for about an hour)

-Cliff Bars (same)

-ProBars (last longer, but are more expensive)

 -Oatmeal (Fuego hated it hot, but will eat it cold. Keeps you full the longest)

-Bagel and cream cheese (also keeps you full. And cream cheese lasts awhile when it’s not 90+ degrees outside)



We tried a lot of different foods for lunch. Some foods didn’t keep well in certain types of weather, so we were constantly looking for different options. We also didn’t like to cook food for lunch since that would involve getting out the stove and cook set. One thing is pretty much constant- whatever we eat is wrapped up in a tortilla. Or two. 

A tortilla with:

-Cheese and pepperoni

-Cheese and mashed potatoes

 -Cheese and avocado  

-Any of the above combos with crunched up crackers, etc. added

-Peanut butter and jelly

Fuego added tuna and/or mayonnaise to a lot of his lunch tortillas. I definitely did not. They actually have a lot of different flavored tuna packets out now. 

When we are lucky, we would have food from a mail drop with delicious, homemade dehydrated meals. We made 86 individual dinners, so 43 nights on the trail with homemade just-add-water meals. On the trail, we tried to make similar meals with a starchy base, seasoning, protein and hopefully some dehydrated veggies if we have them.    

add water to the bag, put the bag into the freezer bag cozy (the reflective envelope in the pic)


Grocery store food we eat a lot of on the trail: 


-Minute rice  

-Pasta Sides  



adding TVP to a dehydrated meal



-Knorr sauce packets  

-Mac and cheese 

-Instant mashed potatoes 

The trail-famous ramen bomb- ramen and instant mashed potatoes together


You name it, chances are we’ve eaten it on the trail. We’ve eaten pretty much all of the snacks Little Debbie has to offer, along with an assortment of Little Debbie knockoffs. We also eat a lot of dry fruit, nuts and nut butter and anything in bar form. On the day we are hiking out of town, we will pack out more delicate items like fresh fruit or a bag of chips. We also hand pick fresh fruit on the trail when it is available, like blueberries, raspberries and apples. 

-Little Debbie snacks (Fuego’s favorites are the cosmic brownies)


-protein bars (Nature Valley protein bars are the biggest bang for your buck, although if I never eat another one, it may be too soon!)

 -granola bars  

-fruity snacks (obviously Fuego!)  

-peanut butter


Water can get kind of boring, especially when you are sweating buckets and need to drink a ton of it. We had plenty of things to add to water to jazz it up a bit. We also packed out some treat drinks every once in awhile, although not as often now as we did awhile ago. Every bit of weight counts when you have to carry it up and down mountains!

-Crystal Light


-Mio (especially Mio Energy!) 


-instant coffee (Fuego) 

-hot cocoa (even better with some Rumplemintz or Ice101!)

-Nuun (great for replenishing electrolytes, but bland)  

-small bottles of liquor (on mail drop days)

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