Day 133- 8.1.15

Fuego: We hiked 18.4 miles today (1448.7 – 1467.1). Woke up early due to Amtrak trains flying by us every 10 minutes. We ran into trail magic the first few miles. It was a bunch of snacks to choose from. Soon after, we ran into the Connecticut border line! At the top of the hill we met Yankee John. He was our unofficial welcomer to New England. He offered us each a Gatorade and a frozen Snickers. I was loving New England already! 

We took a lunch break and a swim in the Ten Mile River. The trail went along the river and it was very peaceful. We also ran into Wind and Lorax. Apparently, Wind’s dad grew up with Fancy Pant’s aunt Patty’s husband Tom. Small world! 

We called an outfitter to confirm if there was a place in town to tent, which there was thankfully. We hitched a ride and made it to the grocery store to resupply before they closed. The free campsite was great! It was in the middle of town in the backyard of a store that the owners allowed hikers to camp at. It had everything we could ask for, including a place to charge phones and a shower (a hose tied up under the stairs with a curtain around it). 

Day 134 8.2.15

Fuego: Zero Day in Kent, CT. Fancy Pants woke up this morning not feeling well. Our health insurance has a program where you can call a doctor and have them call in a prescription if you are relatively sure what your ailment is. pharmacist was off on Sunday so we decided to take a zero so we could pick up the meds Monday morning. We went to the grocery store to get some food for the day so we wouldn’t go out and spend more money. Many hikers were in town. We hung out with Young Gun, Flame, Mongoose, Yonder, Yogi Bear, and a few others. When we were talking to Yonder, we found out that Moose Legs did leave the trail. We were wondering about him, because we haven’t seen him since Virginia and haven’t seen any of his posts in the log books, which he usually did. Apparently, he told Yonder he was thinking about leaving the trail and disappeared off the trail without telling anyone the next morning.😕 If I quit the trail I would probably not tell anyone either, but it was a bummer to hear that he left.  

By the late afternoon everyone was sitting out in the lawn with drinks and went on for the rest of the night. Some went in their tents earlier due to the mosquitoes. Fancy Pants went to bed early and Yogi Bear and I sat and talked for awhile. It was definitely a relaxing zero day for us. Thinking about it, we hadn’t taken a zero since New Jersey. 

Day 135- 8.3.15

Fuego: Mile 1467.1 – 1477.4

We got Fancy’s medicine and ate a bunch of yogurt with granola for breakfast. We were not very motivated to hike out, but we did it anyways. We had lunch at St. John’s Ledges, which had a pretty view and a nice breeze. We had the hike down these huge rock boulders and it was very steep! If you fell forward, that would be the end of you without a doubt. Once we made it down, there was a huge rock cliff at least a hundred feet up that ran along the AT. The trail then flattened out and we walked along the Hausatonic River for awhile. The river was lovely, but the gnats and mosquitoes ruined it for us. I must say this was the worst bug encounter yet! I had to wave my trekking poles in front of my face for miles to help keep them off me. For some odd reason it helped, but I was still mentally losing my mind. Speaking of bugs, I’ve had some people ask, “Why don’t you use bug spray?!” Try putting on bug spray everyday for a week without showering. Not only does it feel awful, the deet will destroy clothing and gear. 

 We ended up calling it a day at a nice campsite that had a deck off the edge of a mountain. At the site there was John from New York who was hiking for the weekend and Landon from Massachusetts. Landon was very new to camping and backpacking. He said he just randomly decided to give it a try and he was currently trying to hike all of Connecticut. Many questions were asked and we talked throughout the entire night. We had a great time hanging out. Landon’s food bag was enormous and He gave me some of his food to help drop some weight for him. I can never turn down food. 😋

Day 136- 8-4-15

Fancy Pants: We hiked 16 miles today (1477.4-1493.4). We left camp around 8 and I was kind of mad that the rain last night did nothing to reduce the humidity. There were a lot of small hills today, so we kept a slower pace. We ran into Rainbow and Young Gun during our breaks today. We had lunch at the Sharon Mountain Campsite. It appears that Nanny (my grandma, Sharon) has her own city, mountain and campsite named after her in Connecticuit :).  

We had a view of a racetrack from the trail today, which was different. It was pretty funny because when we started the trail, I always thought the sound of a distant highway was a NASCAR race. I jokingly made a similar statement today and it really was a racetrack this time! We took an AT detour because the bridge we were supposed to walk on to cross the Housatonic River was being replaced. The detour was a three mile road walk. It was nice to see more of Connecticut, but road walking really does a number on your feet. We ran into Rainbow and Young Gun again after the detour and took a side trail together to see a waterfall. We debated campIng along the river with them, but decided to hike up the trail to the spring. 



Day 137- 8-5-15

Fancy Pants: We hiked 17.8 miles today (1493.4-1511.2). Today started off great- not too hot and pretty nice terrain. As we walked by more stone walls, I can’t help but wonder how long they’ve been there. They could easily be 100 years old, but could also be from the 1700s- there’s no way to tell just by looking!

The 1500 mile mark is marked with a sign, so we stopped there for a snack. The sign was six or so feet up on a tree on a hill, so we opted to take a picture with our hands by the sign instead of our usual foot photo. As we were nearing the CT/MA border, we did some actual climbing in CT. We climbed Lion’s Head and then Bear Mountain, which is the highest point in Connecticut. Another one checked off the bucket list. 

 We crossed into Massachusetts on the way down the from Bear Mountain, although the sign marking the state line is about a half mile away from where the actual state line is. Sage’s Ravine is one of the prettiest places we’ve seen in a long time! It is exactly what I imagined the AT to look like in New England. Lots of dark grey, moss-covered rocks and lots of conifers. We hadn’t heard much about the AT in Massachusetts, but I’ll tell you what we’ve noticed- it’s rocky and there’s a lot of mosquitoes! We opted to stop at Race Brook Falls Campsite, just before the climb up Mount Everett. It got pretty chilly, so we went to bed early. 


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