Fuego’s ABCs of Trail Life

Animal on trail – Black bear

Breakfast food – Not oatmeal!

Cliff Bar flavor – Blueberry Crisp

Dog – Dudley, Shane’s cocker spaniel

Eatery – Woods Hole Hostel

Funniest moment – There is so many, but I remember on a rainy day in Catawba, VA. We were walking down the road to the post office and there was this soaked pine branch in the way. I walked by and held it so Fancy Pants could get through. The branch slipped from me and WAM!! right into Fancy Pants face. Fancy Pants face was soaked and covered with debris. She couldn’t do anything but laugh so I also laughed out loud even though I said sorry first. 

Gear – Sven backpacking saw

Hostel – Woods Hole Hostel, even though they know how to drain your wallet.

Ice cream flavor – Moose Tracks

 Jam – Mine gets random, but I was listening to Talking Heads a lot for a moment.

Kindest moment on trail – Truck driver Kenny took me, Fancy Pants, Good Foot, and Brother Ty out for food and drinks in Gatlinburg. He paid for everything!

Least favorite thing – Annoying bugs and extreme heat/humidity

 Motto – Hike your own hike

Name (of a trail or someone’s trail name) – I really like the name Boombox only because it perfectly suited him.

Observation – Having your tent as a home. To explain better, when you go camping for a weekend you’ll say, “Awesome, I’m out camping in a tent!” For a thru hiker, you have the same feeling as being in your bed at home.

Pasta Sides flavor – Alfredo

Question to ask other hikers – Where you hiking to today?

Ramen flavor – Creamy Chicken

Sunset/sunrise on trail – Standing Indian view sunset   

 Trail Magic – Captains Place  

Unneeded gear item – Underwear 😏

View – Cheoah Bald   

Waterfall – Laural Falls  

eXclamation – Hiker Trash!

Yuckiest moment – Blowing a snot rocket and it lands on the mouthpiece of my water bladder.

Zero day – Playing tee ball in the lawn of the White House in Hot Springs, NC  

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