Day 99- 6.28.15

Fuego: We hiked 17.2 miles (1,023.4-1,040.6). We started back in historic Harper’s Ferry, but crossed into Maryland within a few minutes. I was hoping to see more of this town with Kelli and Jordan, but it down poured the whole time when we planned. It was a bummer for everyone. At least we weren’t hiking during the rain. It would’ve been nothing but miserable. 


 Once we crossed the river, I was back working for Guthook again for all of Maryland and Pennsylvania. The trail was very flat for awhile while hiking along the side of the river. This part of the trail is both the AT and the C&O Canal Trail. We ran into Baron, who I haven’t seen since Damascus. I thought he might have been taking a break, because he had no pack on, but turns out he got off the trail in Glasgow. I was very surprised to hear this from him. He was younger than us and had plenty of energy in him. I didn’t ask why he left though. He was with his dad and I mentioned the trail is always there and I hope he returns some day. 

I was excited to get to the campground because it had showers, bathrooms, and open space for camping. Once we got there, we came to a big group of loud, obnoxious Boy Scouts at the campground. The excitement faded after seeing that of course, but it didn’t ruin my evening. At least they did quiet down once it got dark. 

Fancy Pants: I like that the trail in MD passed through some interesting places. We walked through some historical sites and battlefields. Because of all the rain yesterday, the stones and logs in place for erosion control ended up turning into retention ponds. I’m sure we would have hiked considerably faster if we didn’t spend so much time trying to avoid the mud and water. 

Day 100- 6.29.15

Fuego: We hiked 18.8 miles (1,040.6-1,059.4). There was a lot of historic monuments and signs as we hiked through. Crossing I-70 was a big deal to me, because I knew where it goes and it put a message out to me that I have come a long way to get here. 

We took a break at Ensign Cowall Shelter and out of the blue came Bagels all sweaty, huffing and puffing. He said, “I woke up at 4am and started before Harpers Ferry, trying to make it to Pennsylvania tonight!” I was surprised, but glad to see him attempting the 4 state challenge! It’s about 40 miles to conquer this challenge. When we left the shelter he was trying to take a power nap. 

 Fancy Pants: We camped at Ravens Rock Shelter. There was a big group of 14 year olds there who were part of a summer camp, so we decided to tent instead of staying in the shelter. It was a really cool shelter though! We camped with Finn and Magician. Magician and I discussed how there is so much more life being loved out here. Like when you say, “I haven’t seen them in forever,” but it’s really only been 2 weeks or so. Sometimes, it feels like it’s been a year or more! We cram so much life into our days out here! 

Day 101- 6.30.15

Fancy Pants: we hiked 12 miles today (1059.4-1071.4). We woke up early and headed to Pen Mar Park. The trail was really rocky. I definitely want to get a more supportive knee brace today before we head into Pennsylvania. We met up with Bagels and Magician at the pavilion and hitched a ride to Walmart. We ate lunch at the Subway in Walmart and then went into the store to resupply. They didn’t have the type of knee brace I was looking for 😦 We hitched a ride back to the trail and the man who picked us up made a pit stop for me at Rite Aid where I was able to get a brace. 

We got back to the park and the trail around 2. Fuego and I went to the little museum at the park and were surprised to learn that the park used to be an amusement park in the 1920s and had big hotels. They had a lot of old photos of the park in its heyday and some other artifacts.  

 We had one 500 foot climb and then the miles went by quickly. It threatened to rain, so we hiked fast. We got to the Antietam Shelter and decided to stay instead of heading to the next shelter. There is a lot of water and camp spots here. Since no one else came by, we stayed in the shelter with Bagels. The thunderstorm came in just as it got dark. Glad we won’t be packing up wet gear in the morning. 

3 thoughts on “Maryland

  1. Hi Fuego and Fancy Pants. I met you at the parking area on Shippensburg Rd a couple of weeks ago. Really enjoyed looking at your blog. Are you finished PA yet?


  2. I am wondering if you are noticing any physical changes going on… great to see the pictures and narrative of your journey.


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