Fancy Pant’s ABCs of Trail Life

We came up with this idea a few weeks ago, but it took us awhile to come up with categories for each letter and responses. Hope this gives you a more exciting view of trail life. There are a few other non-journal entry blogs in the works 🙂

(Fuego’s ABC blog will be here soon!)

Animal on trail– chipmunks

Breakfast food- oatmeal with pudding powder, dry milk and dehydrated fruit

Cliff Bar flavor- carrot cake (oatmeal raisin walnut is a close second)

Dog– Madness (Little Bear)- the cute little Pomeranian we met in GA  

 Eatery– Cafe 101 in Boiling Springs, PA (backpacker’s breakfast platter!)

Funniest moment– Fuego trying to catch a moth in the tent. It was a 3 minute process and he looked like a cat on a mission (You probably had to be there to think its funny)   Also, Boombox belting out ‘Drops of Jupiter’ at Mountaintop Tavern   

Gear- trekking poles (saved me from many faceplants)

Hostel- Woodchuck Hostel, Damascus, VA

Ice cream flavor- Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked

Jam- listening to a lot of Queen and 90s rock lately 

Kindest moment on trail- when a hiker fell and broke her hip, almost a dozen other hikers made a gurney and carried her over a mile off the trail 

Least favorite thing- pointy rocks (or false summits)

Motto- hike your own hike

Name (of a trail or someone’s trail name)- Chunky Gal Trail in NC

Observation- I realized that most tree trunks are more gray than brown, but as kids, we always colored them brown!

Pasta Sides flavor- cheddar broccoli

Question to ask other hikers- “why did you decide to hike the AT?”

Ramen flavor- creamy chicken

Sunset/sunrise on trail- from the top of Standing Indian Mountain (Day 11)  

Trail Magic- Red Truck/ Green Truck’s Annual feed the hikers (Day 7)   

 Unneeded gear item- lots of extra clothes (I have way more socks and underwear than pretty much everyone on the trail)

View- can I choose all of the 360 degree views from the balds? Just breathtaking!

Waterfall- Laurel Falls (Day 45)

 eXclamation- Hiker Trash!

Yuckiest moment- when all of the ants were coming out of my backpack!

Zero day- (on-trail)- day in Hot Springs. (off-trail) Day 2 of All Good 


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