End of May Update

Day 60- 5.20.15Fuego: We hiked 29.5 miles today (525.3-544.8). Woke up early, but the trio group that tented with us were long gone! We didn’t even wake to hear them leave. 

Since we’ve been out of service for awhile, we were expecting another humid, hot day. It was perfect weather for most of the day! You could almost hike without breaking a sweat at some points, because the humidity cleared away. Our motivation was great and we just kept truckin’ along.  


 We wanted to order pizza nearby the Partnership Shelter that has a visitor center. Unfortunately, they would only deliver on $30 minimum order and there was no one else around to jump in. We decided to cook our packed lunch out on the lawn of the visitor center and continued on afterwards.

Near the end of the hike we stumbled upon some trail magic. This was at the Lindamood School. This school only had one room with an old furnace in the middle and was built in 1894. It reminded me of a little old church. There were snacks, candy, sodas, and many little hiker accessories that were gifted by a nearby church.    

   There was a place nearby the school to camp, but there was 4 miles left from there to Atkins. We wanted to be closer and took a gamble that there would be another campsite. We were WRONG! We usually find a spot, but we didn’t have luck today. We ended up eating at The Barn restaurant in Atkins. Fuego took a challenge on the hiker burger, which is a one pound burger. He actually finished it! After dinner we left town and found a camp spot 2 miles up. We were suppose to go back to town for our mail drop, but decided to continue on and have the mail drop forwarded to a Post Office further up the trail. 

       Day 61- 5.21.15

Fuego: We hiked 7.7 miles today (544.8-552.5). Waking up knowing you are going to a hostel or hotel that day is always exciting! While hiking, we came across the 25% mark! We made it to the hostel and it had the biggest Sycamore tree we have ever seen. This tree had to be at least 250 years. The hostel had only been in operation for a few weeks, but it was very nice. Some of the rooms and bathrooms were still under construction. There was more space inside and outside than any other hostel we seen. Moose Legs was at the hostel when we arrived and ended up hanging out with him once we got our showers and laundry done. We ended up having a movie marathon. We haven’t seen one movie since we started the trail, but that night we saw Vegas Vacation, Casino, and Friday.    



Day 62- 5.22.15

Fuego: Zero Day. It took awhile to make our decision on staying another night, but we figured we could use the rest, and we’re trying to make it to the next town and Post Office Monday morning instead if Sunday. I asked Tina for a work for stay and she had us ripping up all the old carpet on the front porch. Afterwards I helped her install a toilet and all our work was done. 

We ended up porch sitting for awhile and Tina surprised me, Fancy Pants, and Moose Legs with some beer. We saw a big swarm of bees in the huge sycamore tree starting to build a nest in one of the cavities above. You could hear them from a distance. It was pretty intense. We watched a beautiful, colorful sunset and went inside to eat a home cooked dinner. The dinner was amazing! Eating her baked bread with homemade honey was to die for. 

We stayed in the bunk room since we only had to share it with Moose Legs. It was cold outside and it’s always nice not having to put away your tent in the morning.   

         Day 63- 5.23.15
Fuego: We hiked 15.3 miles (552.5-567.8). We left the hostel and started on the trail walking through many open fields. It was a bright, clear day and there were many views along the way. For lunch, we stopped by a creek that had a swimming hole. My feet and legs were achy so I went in the water and stood there for about 20 minutes. The water was pretty cold, but it’s perfect for muscle pains. While eating I was wondering where Moose Legs was, because he wasn’t too far behind us. Once we started packing up he finally shows up and takes a good look at the site and says, “Wow, I literally stopped for lunch just a hundred feet back. I totally missed out!” We laughed and continued on the trail. 

We walked up to a shelter on the very top of a mountain and met two older thru hikers inside. They said there is some trail magic at the bottom of the mountain. We didn’t hesitate to keep on going and left the shelter immediately. Hearing the word trail magic can turn any mood of a hiker in an instant. Once we got downhill, there were two men (Freak and Hemlock) that handed us plates and said to help ourselves. They apologized that they ran out of hot dogs and hamburgers, but it didn’t matter. There was plenty of fresh fruit and salad stuff. I was very excited to eat red velvet cake!    

                   Day 64- 5.24.15

Fuego: We hiked 14.5 miles today (567.8-582.3). We started on the trail up a mountain and took a short rest at a view spot. It was us and Moose Legs still and we were talking about how low our food supply was. I said, “Well, it looks like we are going to have to find some more trail magic.” Funny that I said that, because right after a hiker came walking by and said, “You hear about the trail magic?!” I said, “You mean the one from yesterday?” He shook his head, “No, there is one just down the mountain gap here!” I couldn’t believe it! We quickly put back on our packs and went down. We got to the gap and it was a father and son (a thru hiker named Berenstein Bear) grilling hamburgers and veggie burgers. They had a lot of snacks to go with it too. I ended up eating two huge burgers and the dad offered to make me one to go! Having a burger to go was quite a treat for dinner time. Not having to cook and clean up after was what made it really appreciative. 

Later on the trail we came up to a shelter and I ended up taking a nap for almost an hour due to the sun and the glorious trail magic. In the shelter, Fancy Pants saw a flyer posted and said, “Duuuude, there is more trail magic tomorrow!!” I couldn’t believe it. We haven’t seen trail magic since Georgia and we missed so many. Once we left the shelter we headed down to the gap to camp where we could get picked up in the morning for trail magic.

         Day 65- 5.25.15
Fuego: We hiked 12.4 miles today (582.3-594.7). In the morning we walked to the road to get picked up for the trail magic breakfast. This was run by the New Hope Union Church. A church member would come pick you up at the gap and drive you to the church to eat. On arrival we were brought into the church and they had us sit down at the tables. Continuously they would bring a variety of food and drinks. It was the most epic breakfast by far on the trail. They had just about every breakfast item you could imagine. After eating breakfast they had multiple amounts of snacks, candy, toiletries, and other items for us to take back with us. They even offered free shuttle rides into town for resupply. The people from the church were so friendly and helpful! 

We hiked on once we got back to the trailhead, but didn’t get as many miles in once we ran into the Mayor. He got some beer from town and shared it with everybody. He is quite a character. He is in his mid 50’s and from Las Vegas. This guy has a lot of stories and is fun to hang out with. He started the trail with his daughter , but apparently she wakes up late and is 200 miles behind. 

We got some water once we crossed I-77. This was the worst water I’ve gotten on the trail so far. It tasted horrible! The next water source wasn’t for another 10 miles so we had to take it. I had to take 4 liters of water straight up a mountain during the hottest part of the day! I haven’t carried that much since Georgia and I was furious while hiking with it. It took awhile to find a place to camp. We literally had to stealth camp that evening with Toes and the Mayor. No, we did not drink more beer, haha!


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