Pre-Trail VS On-Trail Life

Some things that are totally different that they were 3 weeks ago:

-being really smelly is socially acceptable

-eating food from complete strangers is the norm 

-a few minutes after meeting someone, you may decide to spend the next few days together

-the words clean and dirty are relative

-food is judged by calories per ounce

-you forget what day it is constantly

-you don’t pay much attention to gas prices while in town

-it’s OK to wear Crocs

-you aren’t ashamed to eat a 600 calorie Hostess sugar glazed honey bun

-everyone wears the same clothes everyday

-no one talks about politics

-hardly anyone knows your real name

-you stop using deodorant because it doesn’t work until you shower

-you eat twice as much and lose weight

-hitch hiking is normal

-most people go to bed around 8

-some days, everything is wet

One thought on “Pre-Trail VS On-Trail Life

  1. I love reading about this journey of yours and I love this list most of all…Don’t get too used to those honey buns cause they are really bad for you 🙂


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