100 Mile Mark! And a Trip to Town

Day 13- 4.3.15

Hiked 11.1 today (98.5-109.6).  We woke up a little soggy this not ing (the new normal), but no fog or rain. We made it to mile 100 of the AT today! 2100 miles to go!  Mile 100 was at the top of Albert Mountain. 


We climbed up the fire tower and had a 360 view of the surrounding mountains (thankfully, not cloudy/rainy/foggy like yesterday).  We passed two guys on our way to Long Branch Shelter for lunch. We each thought we were heading north, and it was pretty confusing. Turns out, they took a wrong turn when leaving the shelter and were accidentally heading south! Glad we stopped to talk to them, or they’d be heading back up Albert Mountain!  We hiked to just before Winding Stair Gap to catch a ride into town. We got word that a bunch of our friend were in town, but managed to stay in the woods and stay within our budget. 

Day 14- 4.4.15
109.6-114.0. Hiked 4.4 today. Got a ride to The south end of Franklin, NC and walked about 2 miles to the downtown area. Ran into everyone at the Budget Inn while we were waiting to take showers and do laundry.  After that, we went to Outdoor 76, an outfitter that we’d read about online. They are known for helping people fix foot issues and helping out with shoes. I got my feet measured and they are not the same size, I have long arches and my feet are wide (everyone called them Flintstone feet when I was younger).  The Superfeet insoles I bought at REI were doing nothing for me. Got some insoles molded to my feet and have my next pair of trail runners picked out. 


We also managed to do almost all of our resupply from hiker boxes! (A hiker box is a box that hikers put their unwanted/unneeded items in so that other hikers can have them). We got ramen, granola bars, easy mac, trail mix and another sawyer squeeze bag (I’m sure it I’ll be short-lived again…).  Only spent $10 at the grocery store for cheese, lemonade packets and protein bars 🙂 We had lunch/early dinner at Lois’s Restaurant. Huge portions of delicious food (3 side items was standard for a meal!), and great prices. 
Hitched a ride in the back of a truck to get back to the gap. Hiked to the Siler Bald Shelter. Tents set up down the hill, but the shelter was empty so we decided to forgo setting up our tent and stayed in the shelter. Drank the bourbon with lemonade we bought in town and hung out with a guy named Matt from Nashville. BC didn’t hang his pack up before going to sleep and woke up to a mouse trying to eat his oatmeal. Always hang your food and always hang your pack if you’re staying at a shelter!


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