First Time in Town

Day 8- 3.29.15

Hiked 10 miles today (58.6-68.6). I was excited all day knowing tomorrow would be at a hotel, but I wasn’t excited to resupply, knowing my pack would be much heavier again. While hiking, this was the first day I had a bad hike. I felt like I had to use much more effort, it just wasn’t my day. I remember climbing this one mountain that had me cussing, it just wouldn’t end.  

When we were filtering water at a shelter, Christy was using the Sawyer filter and the bag popped!  Need to get a replacement or switch to a water bottle.   

 When we made it to camp, I couldn’t do anything for at least 15 minutes, I didn’t even have the energy to get my boots off.  Later after I got back normal, we made the best fire yet. We were surrounded by the driest wood we seen, it was too easy. There was a Boy Scout group that passed by our campsite and they were asking us about the trail ahead, it appeared we may have taken the campsite they were aiming for.  I was glad they continued on, because I thought they were gonna camp with us, had to be at least a dozen kids.  We went to bed in a thunderstorm, it was pretty loud and intense, but awesome!  Excited to catch the shuttle in the morning to a bed, shower and an all you can eat buffet!

Day 9- 3.30.15

Hiked 1 mile today (68.6-69.6).  I was curious about what the shuttle may look like as I waited at Dicks Creek Gap. I wasn’t surprised to see an 80’s white van with rusty spots all over it roll up. When it pulled up beside us the driver had to rev up the engine before he turned it off I guess to keep it from backfiring or something, it was loud. I was still happy as if it was a limo, the driver was a big fella with overalls and confederate tattoos and said, “Hop on in!” I smiled and jumped in.        

A few weeks ago, we may have turned up our noses at the room, but after packing up in the rain, the room was a castle!   


 After showers, laundry and dishes, we went out on the Main Street to run some errands. We picked up our first mail drop today from Guthook. Lithium batteries for the GPS and some snacks. It’s amazing how excited we get about free food now!   

Eating at Daniels was my first experience as a thru hiker against an all you can eat buffet.  I couldn’t believe how much I ate! I must have had about 4 plates worth and downed it with countless refills of that marvelous Georgia extra sweet tea. Leaving the place wasn’t easy though, I was uncomfortably full, but it was worth it!    

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