Days 6 and 7

Day 6- 3.27.15 (38.4-50.5)

Hiked 13.3 miles today (includes 1.2miles up from the shelter).  Met Good Foot from VA and found out he was roommates with my friend Alison! Small world!  

 Intended to have a short hike today but we ended up not finding any good camping spots. Stayed at Blue Mountain Shelter with Bearded Crab (BC), Chip and others. Gary left his go pro at Chattahoochee Gap and BC brought it up to the shelter. Jimi (trail name Fuego now!) ran it down the mountain to him. BC said that if someone makes a fire he had s’mores stuff to share. Ate s’mores by the fire.  Very windy and it even snowed for a bit. It was a super cold night (Jimi has ice on his sleeping bag), but we stayed warm.   


Day 7- 3.28.15 (50.5-58.6)

Hiked 8.1mi today with BC. We ran into a guy who is doing a radio contest and he told us about some trail magic that was just up the trail right before Tray Mountain. It was the “13th annual fee the hikers”.  red truck and green truck (father/son duo) hiked the trail in 2002 and they have a huge group of friends and family come out every year to give some trail magic. 


Beer, barbecue, cookies, hotdogs. You name it, they had it. Southern hospitality like we’d never experienced before.  Camped at Tray Mountain Shelter with Wingnut, Foxy, Downhill, Two Sticks, BC and these two cute ladies- Jazz and Madness (Little Bear). 

Super cold night again (high teens) and really windy.  I had Little Bear in my jacket by the fire. Ended up zipping our sleeping bags together to stay warm. 

-Christy (posted from my warm sleeping bag on a mountain top. Technology!) 


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