Moolah- The One Big Factor that Could Stop Us Before We Start

The major factor holding us back from committing to the trail initially was money.  How much does this usually cost?  The answer is as varied as the reasons for hiking the trail in the first place.  A decent amount of internet searching revealed somewhere between $2,000-$7,000+.  And then there’s the fact that there’s two of us.  Do we double the estimated cost?

Yeah, we definitely need to sell one of our cars.

We also have off-trail costs that need to be factored in- student loan payment, health insurance, car payment, car insurance, food and kitty litter for the cats.  Thankfully, the student loan payment is really low and we qualified for subsidized health insurance due to our estimated 2015 income (thanks Obama, sorry mom and dad).  The car payment is what it is (and selling the car would yield less money than selling my paid-off car).  Our precious fur babies deserve all of the expensive cat food their little hearts desire.  And anyways, if they don’t have food in the bowl they will tell you incessantly until you fix that.  There is no ignoring these two.


Shout out to my uncle Craig who has opened his house to these two long term guests.  This trip would not be possible without you!

In addition to the above-mentioned costs, we needed to upgrade a lot of our gear.  Sure, some of the gear we already have could have gotten us maybe a few hundred miles, but some items needed to be replaced in order to make it to the first town (~30 miles in).  For me, being dry and warm are my highest priorities.  I know that I have a much great chance of quitting if I am cold and wet.  Thus, upgrades on rain gear, footwear, baselayers and outerwear were really a priority for me.  We go into much more detail about gear on our gear page (duh).  Again, major thank yous to everyone who bought gear for us, or gave us gift cards or money so we could run around REI like kids in a candy store.  Everyone should get the opportunity to feel that way while shopping at least once in their lives 🙂

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